March 08, 2008


I've got to hand it to the Sun, doing what they do best. They've got Atilla disco dancing.

Burly Ahmet used to be a hard-drinking minder for a Turkish crime family before coming under the influence of preacher of hate Abu Hamza. Ex-pals told how he used to love ogling £1-a-time strippers at the grubby Railway Tavern pub in New Cross, South London. One friend said: “He spent all his time chasing women and drinking lager, eight or nine pints a night.

“But the only thing he was really religious about was strippers. I don’t think he ever missed a Thursday night. It was a dive and the women were ropey but Atilla loved it. He was always first to slip the girls a quid.”

Years later he was seen outside the US Embassy in London shouting: “So expect retaliation Mr Bush, Mr Blair. You may embrace Islam or die by the sword

It should say Al-Faisal and Abu Hamza. I wonder where they got the last quote from?


African neocon said...

Was that Atilla getting jiggy with it or was it Mohammed Hamid?

DAVE BONES said...


African neocon said...

Really? Boy! Can he not dance! I guess the likes of Justin Timberlakes are few, no?

The Wondering Brit said...

Ahhh, bless him - there's nowt wrong with a pint and a good dirty shag.

Dave, posted Jim Jefferies instead

DAVE BONES said...

Get down get down. Its like Borat's slightly cooler mate innit.