March 31, 2008


OK. Bumped into Monkeyboy, occasional Malung Cameraman with me in Finsbury park who appears as "G" in this Socialistwanker piece and also in a blog I wrote from the Hamza trial entitled ENTERTAINMENT. He filmed most of the action in my first Finsbury park edit, A Year on the Street and also features in a blog called HIT HIM WITH A PIECE OF WOOD

Turns out he had a bit of an adventure on a one way ticket from Holland back into Stanstead. He's, how shall we say a bit Indian looking, his family hailing from the Punjab and had a Palestinian looking scarf on, which added up to two burly looking representatives of the law singling him out of the incoming passengers for a talking to for an hour and a half.

"I told 'em man" he said indignantly, "I said why do I smell of alcohol? Why have I got a ring in my nose and one in my ear? Look at my name- S___ its a Sikh name isn't it. What is a Sikh?"

"Well you know, the guys who did Mike's place in Israel apparently left empty bottles of alcohol in the guest houses they stayed in to cover their tracks. If you come in doused in alcohol with glazed eyes how are they to know you are pissed? They might well think you are about to blow up.." I countered. "I'm a bit distressed that they actually let you back in so easily. I feel less safe to be honest..Did they ask you why you were smiling at Abu Hamza in the court room?"

"He smiled at me first!"

He fell asleep so I popped round to Hajj's place. Intending to watch a dvd of Al-Faisal on Jamaican Hardtalk I ended up having a long discussion about God, Islam and the state of the world. I left video unseen invited to a premiere of our new music video but I missed that too. Tomorow is another day.

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(alcohol kills brain cells. but only the weak ones. evolution is fuckin brutal, eh?)