March 23, 2008


via Making Sense of Jihad a very old video about the 1979 seizure of the Grand Mosque. Get a load of the guy at the beginning. Also links this pdf

I just finished Ghost Wars. What sticks out to me is Al-Zawahiri's statements in 1998 that is was

time to carry the war to the "distant enemy" because...the Americans' would probably reply with revenge attacks and "personally wage the battle against the Muslim's" which would make them ripe for a "Clear-cut Jihad against the infidels."

So the invasion of Iraq wasn't a Neo-Con idea was it? It was Al-Zawahiri's. Does that worry you? Also Massoud in 2000 said:

"If President Bush doesn't help us then these terrorists will damage the United States and Europe very soon- and it will be too late."

The weight of facts, layed end after end right up to Sept 10th 2001 has defeated all conspiracies and the "blame game" in my head. All I can think is, this form of Jihadism has no heart, and this form of Capitalism has no soul.

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The Wondering Brit said...

Jihad: This term was originally used by King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and meant 'to go out and spead the word'. like evangelising - it's always been described as a battle. Just like the old hymn "onward christion soldiers, marching as to war".
It is seriously unfortunate that these people have taken the meaning completely the wrong way.