June 22, 2004


someone posted this on Mikes blog

Cycloptic Hook Man is so,so(too) perfect as a bogeyman I really believe he could be a C I A plant(Wittingly or otherwise)..And,who f-in cares if he is extradited? Even if he is authentic he is per se your enemy,David,and would happily deny you your "democratic rights"(an oxymoron if I ever heard one)-and much,much more-given the opportunity..And Bush is displaying double standards..Well; fuck me...who would have thought it...and such a pleasant man,too.

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I imagine most people think this about Hamza including Ruth (23) from Bolton and Michelle (21) from Oldham. Both page 3 girls in relevant issues of The Sun's campaign against Hamza. Have we been misinformed? I didn't get the feeling Hamza thought himself my enemy. I didn't really find him a very interesting preacher but I'm sure I would have noticed if he was threatening me. I'm sure you are right about extradition too. Very few people care if Hamza is extradited.

To some Muslims he is a religious martyr isn't he? I found myself going back over my tapes to find out what he did say. I'd love this documentary to reflect the cartoon nature of Hamza's media-isation in some way.

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