October 20, 2004


Riot culture seems to be dead in London though the met still send huge amounts of kitted out Police to make sure.

I caught up with the Critical Mass bike ride in Trafalgar square. There were maybe 15 cyclists standing in the rain, and round the corner there were 50 police on amazing mountain bikes.

The protest of the century HAS to be the storming of Alexandra Palace.

the Riot Police must have been really confused...

the debate in the indymedia article is fantastic unearthing stories of Socialist Workers historic plans to shoot anarchists "come the revolution..." fantastic, pure Socialist Wanker stuff!

Round the corner in Tufnell Park some friends are trying to make a community centre in a long abandoned church, currently under planning application to be turned back into a church.

(Iron Maiden filmed a video there a long time ago.)

I turned up this morning to find loads of Police outside talking to the squatters through a locked gate. One of them wanted to take my details. It was raining so this time I told him that if he wasn't going to arrest me I didn't want to keep giving out my details just becaucse Policemen asked me.

A HUGE policeman in stab proof overalls stood forward and said.

"Wait a minute, I recognise you from Finsbury Park!"

We chatted about Finsbury Park, Hamza finnaly going on trial, Barry's relationship with Muslims and media (top man for the job said my friend in blue) and my chances of getting Hamza's friends side of what was actually happening on TV.

Meanwhile A Police seargant negotiated between the owners and the squatters. All was amicable when I left.

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