October 22, 2004


Abdullah was explaining to a National News journalist (who syndicate to the sun, the mail etc.) how it was actualy humane to cut someones head off with a sharp knife as it severs the nerve endings so they don't feel pain. He insisted that it was a valid message that anyone who supported the US invasion forces in a Muslim country was a target and the message was DONT GO.


Anyway on a lighter note I was discussing with Hajj the strangeness of Hamza now being charged with stuff they looked into and released him for some years ago. We wondered if it wasn't just the usual doddering British judges getting up the noses of government. Miffed at Blunketts readiness to surrender British rule of law to an American judiciary it seems like the sort of thing they would do, judges being the only effective opposition to government at the moment.

Our friendly journalist had been in court on tuesday and said that Hamza's lawyers were looking pretty confident.

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