October 03, 2004


" I'm not your enemy! Ming is! Let's all team up and fight him!"

from the film FLASH GORDON

One of the main reasons I first came to hear what Mr. Hamza had to say was because I wondered whether there could be a genuine alliance between all those who wanted to stop the oil rollercoaster and create a genuinely fair society.

(In between making my own mind up as to whether he was a terrorist threat or not)

In the short time I was "active" as an activist I realised how hopelessly split and riddled with cliques and infighting the "left" was and so I wasn't suprised to eventually find similar things in the Islamic community. I certainly don't revel in it, but it is very human.

On this vein I was interested to come across a representative of Al-Mujhaaroun handing out leaflets in Finsbury Park on Friday who told me that they had officialy dispanded due to this problem of factionality. The intention was to unite everyone who believed in the Koran as it is written and his leaflet had many critisisms of the MCB and Mosque committees all backed up with words from the Koran.

He reckons Muslims have been banned from mosque's in favour of kaffirs, managers have become dictators, committees are silent about Palestine, Kashmir Guantanamo and Abu Graib whilst they invite their followers to commit apostacy by voting for man made law and inviting George Galloway into mosques and allowing him to distribute kaffir leaflets outside.

I have personally only ever committed this apostasy once when I was 18 and voted for the Liberal/SDP alliance (remember that political farce) I would advise anyone against voting for George Galloway because he is a wanker. If it was a choice between him and Blair on a voting card I would puke up on the card.

In the same way I was really excited at the prospect of a night at the rampart including The Synergy Project, The Wombles and The E.C.F. in the same building. A couple of people thought it important to network between all groups, there was certainly no infighting but I wonder whether a genuine alliance to produce genuine change is possible or factionality and tribalism are just part of our species. I'm very confused.

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