May 01, 2005


Seeing the headlines the other day, complete with close-ups of Mr. Blairs nervous face made me worry a bit about my "fuck the lot of them" political stance. I didn't agree with attacking Iraq. I don't know how someone in a suit can sit there knowing that he has helped unleash death on so many innocent strangers. But to me, Tony Blair is a political freak.

I don't like Blair.

To qualify that statement I have to put in what my ex-girlfriend says about me and Blair.

"You fuckin love him you do! He's your bestest buddy!"

The thing about Blair is that he communicates like no other Politician from left or right and he has always done so. He talks like you and I do. How much of this is stage managed?

No other Prime Minister has used the "masochism special" as a Political media technique. No other Prime Minister has used it to such effect. Every time Blair gets sticky about the war he's off down some backwater hicksville shopping centre getting slagged off to his face by intelligent young members of the public. And it works.

I don't like Blair, but the idea of him loosing to the evil Howard almost makes me want to register, run to the booth and vote for him. There you are. I've said it now.


Because if the Tory's had been in charge on Sept 11th war would be global, every Muslim I have been filming would have been locked up, guilty or not. I would probably have been locked up for doing what I am doing and this country would be a Police state now, rather than just heading in that direction. To me, the idea of another crisis with the evil Howard in charge does not bear thinking about.

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