February 16, 2007


Regulars will know of my long standing fascination with US Conservative bloggers (check the links). I never thought I'd be interested in the British version. Do check out the 18 Doughty st piece about blogging. I've never heard of any of the guests, but apparently they are all top bloggers over here and Rachel from North London was a victim of the 7/7 bombing.


BigDog said...

I would caution that American conservatism is not the same ideologically as British conservatism.

DAVE BONES said...

Did you watch though? They have a piece about libertarianism, I thought that only existed in your country. They also "get" blogging which what Sparkle used to call the "msm" don't.

Do you know whats happened to Sparkle by the way? She's being very mysterious. Has she become a nun?

BigDog said...

I watched a bit. 18 Doughty Street seems to be a live stream video feed. Dunno what to make of it yet. So far there have been a couple local issues I don't know much about.

Just saw a political ad against Ken Livingston. ha!

Sparkle is now a Child Advocate, which basically means she is assigned to represent a child's interests in court for whatever case.

DAVE BONES said...

Nice one. That was quite an epiphany she had and I was concerned for her. Glad she has replaced blogging with something much more "in the field" as it were. She doesn't reply very often to my emails so she must be busy. Do send my love.

DAVE BONES said...

I was quite bemused by 18 Doughty st.

I've never gone looking for "who's who" in British political blogging so it was good to watch their blogger reviews although the way they speak, and the fact that I understand them makes me think we are all heading for some sort of "self help" group for addiction.

On the other had, we could be the future. I'm going to have a look through some of their blogs.