February 06, 2007


I watched another great Dispatches last night, At Home with the Terror Suspects. Four suspects under house arrest on secret evidence they have never been able to defend themselves against make video diaries. I'm sure it'll be on Youtube soon. Excellent doco.

It always seems strange to me that people like mr. STUPID QUESTIONS imagines I might be upset if he insults "Allah".


Strange guy.

People like this always resort to saying you are gay. This is not an insult in my culture. People are allowed to be homosexual here. It makes me think that maybe these people would be happier in a culture where homosexuality is not tollerated- like under Shariah law for instance.

Anyway, Stupid Questions here led me to another earlier Dispatches I had missed called "Undercover Mosque" which is another "expose" on extremism this time in Birmingham. Part 1 of 5 starts on Youtube here. Some of those accused in the program have used Youtube to reply starting here. Dr. Bilal Philips responds on the thorny issue of Mohammed's marriage to a 9 year old here.

Here are some totally unrelated answers concerning gayness:

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