September 25, 2008


Fuckin hell what a LOAD OF SHIT!!! What a bunch of muppets! You fucked up India man! How could you fuck up India? No seriously India was great. The truck ride was brilliant. Just when you think you are going to see a bit of India- no. its back to Booringmans innane diary cam.

Focuses on sweaty butt.
Voice over: I am wearing the wrong trousers. I have a sweaty butt.
Switch to diary cam: My butt was very sweaty. People laughed when I walked by.
Back to Booringmans sweaty butt, Voice over: I have a sweaty butt.


Focus on hobbling cameraman, voice over: Camera man has twisted his ankle.
Switch to diary cam: Camera man has twisted his ankle. It might be bad.
Back to hobbling cameraman: I have hurt my ankle. I have no idea how bad it is.

Who fucking edited this crap? Hilarious.

Train goes past poor people, voice over: Ahh.. Poor people. Beside railway tracks.

India looked as amazing as usual though.


La Sirena said...

Man, that's got to be the height of narcissism... when you find the sweat of your own ass entertaining!

I'd like to go to India, though.

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah the sweat on his own ass more entertaining than India. Just about sums this series up.