September 15, 2008


Lutan Fyah says there is no need to apologise following a statement he made at the 'Reggae In The Valley' show last week in St. Elizabeth.

In explaining his statement, Lutan Fyah said, "It was a statement like, big up Bounty Killa because mi si him mek nuff yout come inna di business an turn millionaire an mi seh mi woulda waan si di dem do some tings like dat to. Some Rasta weh did inna di show tek it upon dem self fi seh a dem mi a talk."

Fyah further went on to explain, "My statement was within the music, not the Rasta community, di statement never mean seh mi a dis Rasta people cause mi a Rasta to, suh mi would a dis mi self."

Glad he cleared that up then.

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