September 14, 2008


I have been watching Charlie Boormans trip from Ireland to Sydney on the iPlayer. Is it me? Do they just miss the interesting bits out maybe? Didn't get them on film. The first two episodes come across as really bland. Its like a fucking package holiday only they have more interpreters laid on. I'd hate to have that much back up on a trip abroad. How can you have a genuine experience of a country which is your own? I never clicked before that Charlie Boorman is the son of John Boorman. Maybe it is the silver spoon which makes it all so bland. Am I jealous? Yeah probably. Of the trip, but not the company. This sort of planning would take all the fun out of a trip for me. Its the sort of thing a snooty girlfriend would insist on. How can you film a bloody trip around the world and it be crap? Ah well. They are in India next episode so I have a bit of hope. You could fall over drunk with a camera in India and make a good movie.

For a less Boor-ring travelers tale read Tom Thumbs Hand to Mouth to India. I met this guy at the end of his journey and got one of the first copies printed in Goa. I advised Tom to approach some publishers on his return but he didn't seem too keen on the idea. I think he had had enough of his trip by then. I was pleased to come across the book selling well on Amazon a few years ago.

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