September 04, 2008

Its an Impossibility

Arriving in Dieppe

Being rescued by complete strangers about an hour and a half outside Dieppe after running out of petrol at 2AM

Driver under van after going through a toll gate

Yeah just got back from Britanny again. Totally different animal to last year when we just turned up and played. This year we worked really intensely on a show for two weeks, built a set for the band, props for the dancers and got a whole load of projections and shadow work together then performed at the end. Video promo is coming. I think we have the nucleus of a really accessible dance show together which we aim to be pitching by christmas for the festys next year. Above is a pic of my effects boxes the morning after the show. It was really good to be amongst the granite again, on a creative vibe. I got so into learning the language I confused myself involuntarily trying to translate every thought into French.


Decorating on high

I pitched my tent by the riverbank. It seems to have healed my spine. For the first time in years I didn't wake up with pain in my lower back. I had pain in my ribs from stage diving into the dancers in rehearsal, pain in my feet from loosing my torch and trying to navigate my way through lumps of granite on the way home, I was sneezing continually because of the dust, but I had no more spine pain.

Some of the posse knocked up a granite oven and landscaped it into the surroundings.

First pizzas with oven makers

Our hostess with marrow and pig

Compost toilet

Jason our film maker on a tandem.

and out come the freaks

Our host and friends

Randomly arranged branches turn into a couple dancing on the sculpture trail


Mange too

Britanny band Vortex turned up about 1AM. We struggled a bit to get them on as things got a bit sketchy but they were well worth it. Very good rave influenced rock. By this time everyone was chucking hay everywhere and I could hardly breathe in the barn.

Blended faces

Freaked out freak

After the show we got a chance to relax and wander. This is some really peaceful cornfields at sunset. I miss this sort of stuff in London.

Next time I am going better prepared with dust masks, steel toe boots and a head torch. Really good creative communal vibe, very good to be away from computers, news, mobile phones and civilization. More pics coming...

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