June 09, 2009


I read a coupla books recently which I thought I would briefly review here.

I always took Rageh Omah to be a bit of a goody goody BBC boy by the way he spoke so I was very surprised reading his account of Iraq over a good few years through sanctions and up to the invasion of Baghdad. You really feel an intense unburdening of the story of the real people behind all this rubbish about weapons inspectors etc. A really fantastic book which is as damning about Clinton and sanctions as it is about the subsequent occupation. An entry in Wikipedia shows him to be pretty damning about his own reporting from Iraq too.

The other book I read was an Errol Flynn biography by David Bret which left me questioning the author as much as Errol. How do you conclude that a guy you allege fucks children in poor countries at every opportunity is essentially a good person? Surely that is an either/or sort of situation.

Totally unrelated- Blood Sweat and Takeaways. Who says TV is trash? Fantastic. Just watch it.


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