June 06, 2009


I was talking to someone from Conservative Futures in the Bournemouth area the other day. I was straight up about how dissapointed I was that the Tories weren't dying out and that young people today might be attracted to what we always saw as the party of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I was keen to ask why and the answers were very interesting.

She said she had met the Bournemouth MP who has been recently embroiled in this expenses scandal and she thought he was a really nice guy. She totally accepted that it was obvious he wasn't and she wouldn't be voting Conservative in her area anymore because of the revelations she had heard on the news. Her vote the other day went to UKIP.

She said that although some Conservatives were stuffy, there were a whole load of new people in the party who were really genuine people and interestingly most of them hated David Cameron and thought he was a slick smarmy git but there wasn't a lot they could do or many alternatives open to them- a problem I should imagine most grass roots Labour people had watching Blair on his way up.

She said that what had attracted her to the party at the time was Boris Johnson.


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