June 21, 2009


OK. Mr Waleed has just told me that Glen Jenvey during a conference call with Omar Bakri has reverted to Islam, taken down his Youtube channel and apologised for his previous attitudes. I think his new name is Omar Hamza.

Obviously this is big news for me as Glen has always been very anti a lot of the people I have been filming. I hope to hear his story or read about it when he is ready.

UPDATE: Abu Waleed is from Salafimedia.com

Obviously a lot of people are thinking this is one of Glen Jenvey's infiltration tricks- I got this from Glen

im fine looking forward to tell the world they should imbrace islam as well.i will be putting the wrongs of my past right and helping all muslim prisoners as a muslim.

may allah guide me and thank omar bakri for his bring me into the fold of islam.

glen aka omar hamza jenvey

UPDATE: There is a discussion about Mr Jenveys reversion going on at Ummah.com including doubts about my reliability, Mr Waleeds identity and a post from someone who doesn't want me to sweep their sidewalk apparently. Thats not very nice is it. Very judgmental I think.

more from Mr Jenvey here


glen jenvey said...


Statement regarding Abu Hamza and myself Glen Jenvey
19 Jun 2009
Dear Colleagues

The Daily Mail published an article entitled ‘Unmasked: The football hooligans behind last weekend's bloody protest against a Muslim war demo’ on the 29 May 2009. My name was mentioned in the article. I wish to make it clear to all my contacts in the media that:

I did not attend the march
I did not organise the march
I have never met in person the two people mentioned together with my name
At the time I was having dinner with a lady from the local church, my next door neighbour and my partner.
By the way I have no interest in football or being a football thug wannabe

I find it damaging to my reputation and very offensive to be associated with these extremists by the Daily Mail, who made no effort to make contact with me to verify their story before publishing. I have also been subjected to continuous abusive and libellous attacks in various blogs over the last few months, which have attempted to discredit everything that I have done over the last few years.

I have had enough, so thanks to the bloggers, and the Daily Mail I will be contacting the FBI and stating that I wish to recall all the evidence I handed over regarding the Abu Hamza extradition case (see my email to John Young of Cryptome) below) and I am not prepared to attend as a witness of help in any way should Abu Hamza be extradited to the USA.

I was so infuriated by the Daily Mail and the bloggers that I phoned Anjem Choudhary yesterday and he wants me to meet him. I won’t go into the details of what we discussed.



DAVE BONES said...

Thanks Glen. I hope you are OK mate.

I.:.S.:. said...

Curioser and curioser

(Reverts, Dave?)

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah they call converts "reverts" as apparently we are all born Muslim. I thought you would know that being a trainee terr-ist and all.

Bartholomew said...

So who's "Mr Waleed" and how does he know? Thanks.

Bartholomew said...

Thanks for the update.

I.:.S.:. said...

Yeh thanks Dave I was aware

Just I didn't know you were a trainee terrorist as well

Cutter said...

Jenvey has indeed got himself into a tizzy, but it's all part of the terror pundit baloney.

Why are these terror pundits (Glen Jenvey, Rita Katz, Evan Kohlmann, Alexis Debat) never what they seem?

& of course there is our own Frank (Gardener, & Mark "Urban" (Myth) - both members of the 'exclusive BBC raised eyebrow club'

Jason Burke with his Al Queda book & his inaccurate 'iconic' little Observer articles rolled out when required..

& Prof Anthony Glees, all the back scratchers at RUSI, including Professor Michael Clarke - crown prosecution lackey - they should all be ashamed of themselves & the bullshit that they spin...

DAVE BONES said...

I have no idea mate. It makes no difference whatsoever to me if Glen Jenvey becomes a Muslim.