June 03, 2009


Watching The Apprentice tonight the charade that its anything more than a reality TV show sort of fell off and it wasn't just because of Cassette Boys Youtube run through. On the subject of charades all this buisness in Westminster doesn't look anymore real.

Its all big talk, people trying to be who others want them to be, a dance around the fucking maypole and whoever you choose wont make any difference. When the standards are so questionable and so obviously heading off in the wrong direction the idea of a "Meritocracy" falls to shit. The idea of a junior Apprentice, with the world how it is now actually scares me. Capitalism is a fairy tale people teach their children.

Pedaling the same crap which doesn't work. Anyway you are all fired. And I enjoyed The Apprentice. I don't like either of the finalists but the one who mortgaged her mothers house in exchange for 1% of her buisness has great tits and the other robot one has a really sexy brummie accent.


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