June 27, 2009


OK. I spoke to Glen Jenvey on the phone briefly this morning and he pretty much confirmed vocally everything reported about him over the last few days. He said his recent experiences with The Daily Mail have crystallised a change of heart which is an ongoing process. The upshot is, he is indeed becoming a Muslim, or “Learning to become a Muslim” as he puts it. There is a mosque where he lives in the West Country where he intends to go and learn how to pray, study the Islamic faith and be instructed properly on the path of God. I asked him if he had some sort of conversion experience. He said he always believed there was a God, and prayed, though he didn't pray to ask for anything. He confirmed to me that he went through the tenets of becoming a Muslim with Omar Bakri over the phone from Lebanon.

He said he believes- very strongly it seems, that what Omar Bakri says about peace talks with Al Qaeda is the correct way forward and that the killing on all sides of the conflict in the War on Terror has to stop. He believes Abu Hamza is the best possible ambassador for peace, and that he should be a go between for the West with those who they consider to be the enemy.He is deeply sorry for the pain he has caused Hamza in the past and seeks his forgiveness. He has learnt his lesson from recent personal suffering at the hands of the media.

He believes Hamza and Qatada are scapegoats. He wants nothing to do with what he calls the “Show Trial” of Abu Hamza except to help Hamza in any way he can. He finnished by saying "I have a lot to learn about Islam. My personal main concern is the release of the two Sheikhs. Free Abu Hamza. Let him teach Islam and let him use his links and contacts to make the UK a safer place for us all."


omar hamza jenvey said...

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This is a recorded copy of me with- drawing my evidence no reference in the Sheikh's case can be drawn from any of the information as it has to be returned or destroyed . the arrest warrant it self might be under question if they used any of this information secret or non secret to issue it.


I wish no harm to to Sheikh Abu Hamza and understand now i have been recieving attacks by bloggers and newspapers how hurtful it is,

Denim Justice said...

Wow, Glen seems like a really confused guy. Wasn't he behind a lot of the rubbish against Muslims in the tabloids? And now they're going after him, he's also double crossed them?

How do we know Jenvey is being genuine, and that this isn't a ploy to get further undercover?

It all seems like an incredible 180 degree change of heart

DAVE BONES said...

It certianly is isn't it, and we don't know for sure do we. He certainly sounded genuine over the phone. I haven't been the sort of person to need to believe or disbelieve in others for a long while now. I think people should be judged by what they do, so lets see what he does. As I have said before, it makes absolueley no difference to me what Glen Jenvey believes. From what I have seen and heard over a few years there are some really, really strange things around the Abu Hamza story. For me this is just another one.

Huey P Muslim said...

Hi dave,

I admit my first thoughts with this as well was "What? I don't believe it, its a trick", but after reflecting on my own life and others, I thought this was wrong of me to think this.

I wasn't exactly a headline-grabbing anti-muslim, but I was definitely extremely hostile to Islam as a religion and as a way of life before my own conversion.

In the same way, I have heard things about some people converting in prison, such as members of Combat 18, Rapists, and all sorts, so who knows?

There is a line in qu'ran, that "They Plan and Allah(swt) plans, and Allah(swt) is the best of planners" that im sure you've read in your travels, and for me hostile individuals converting has always seemed to be part of Allah(swt) plan.

I wish glen all the best either way, and hope that he now finds tranquility in his heart.

Umar Abdullah

Anonymous said...

Some converts may be wolves in sheep's clothing...

DAVE BONES said...

Yes. As I have said, I am not really bothered either way. If Glen is saying people shouldn't be killing each other and should be talking I agree with him. If ever there was a point to this blog once in the dim distant past this was it.