November 11, 2009


Was just chatting with some of these people on facebook. Lots of fascinating stuff which I am bookmarking for myself to read as much as anyone else!

Firstly Nadene Ghouri's account of being under fire whilst trying to teach journalists in Swat,
her PBS reports about the Afghan Police, and in the Guardian here.

Also Connor Foley's Afghan stories about rebuilding Afghan pride, the work of Rory Stewart, Aid problems in Afghanistan, and UN peacekeeping.

I've read most of this, and will catch up with the rest when I have more time.

The most depressing thing I heard in this conversation was that the Taliban were in the Kallash valleys. I've written a bit here about my experiences with them, and how they were culturaly suppressed by the dominant Muslim culture over there when I found them in 2000. Under the Taliban this could only be worse. It's really sick to imagine war in a place so beautiful. I'm really worried.

also on Yahoo news- an article about American wounded

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