November 02, 2009


A jailed hate preacher has begged to be deported when he is freed - to sever all ties with his old extremist pals.

Atilla Ahmet, 45, says he now shuns terror, despite once hailing the 7/7 blasts and urging the Taliban to bomb Britain. The cleric, an ex-minder of hookhanded Abu Hamza, has asked the Home Office to scrap his UK citizenship and send him to Turkish Cyprus, his parents' country. He is serving seven years for soliciting murder but says he is "deeply ashamed" of his past and has apologised to terror victims.

Brother Musa said: "Atilla doesn't mix with extremists any more and wants to go to Cyprus and keep his head down. He's sorry about what he did and things he said.

"He has a spotless record in jail but fears that the authorities will put him back inside as soon as he is freed."

The dad-of-four, an ex-bouncer and soccer coach, was jailed in March last year. He is likely to be freed from Woodhill jail, Bucks, in February - halfway through his term, including time on remand.

In 2005, a Mirror probe caught Ahmet, of Hither Green, South East London, sneering at "filthy unbelievers" and calling the UK "the front line". He later called 9/11 a "deserved punch on the nose".

He was a key figure in a terror recruitment cell and urged Muslims to commit atrocities.

He was seized in 2006 and admitted three charges.

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Umar Abdullah said...

I really feel for these brothers in situation like this. They want to get on with their lives, but the probation service makes their lives difficult. its unlikely they will agree to his request, and instead they'll keep him on a tag, he cant start education, can't work, can't live at home, etc...forget all the news propaganda, its tough being out on bail halfway through your sentence. I wish him all the best though in his efforts.


DAVE BONES said...

Me too. I think Musa is going to pop by and say something here at some point soon..