November 18, 2009


He said a lot more than this, and spoke mainly to say that in his opinion, The Quilliam Foundation don't know what they are talking about. I noticed he said

"I have done my time and got out"

when he should have said

"I was held for nine months and found not guilty"!

There has been a bit of press recently about the taps in Hamza's cell and Hamza preaching through the plug hole. Musa reckons this is just prison guards making money out of outlandish stories and he thinks that the drains from the prison within a prison where Hamza is held go in the other direction anyway.

Some of the press goes into much more detail about Fatwahs from Abu Qatada appearing in the Arabic press. One article even elaborates on some sort of code developed by Qatada, Hamza and Abu Doha. I remember a recording of Hamza smuggled out of jail one time reported in the papers. I cant find it online but it sounded genuine. I don't remember that it encouraged terrorism, unless it did so in code of course.

The Prison Service insisted: “There is no proof this recording was made by Hamza and no evidence it was made in prison.”

One report says

...The Ministry of Justice said it had not seen Quilliam's report. The ministry said it was unfortunate Quilliam had not interviewed prison staff as part of its research...

I think Musa, like a lot of Muslims thinks that Quilliam are just trying to justify their budget.

He said the said that the CNN interview was a few minutes out of half an hour, but he wasn't that unhappy with how it came out. I can see that he is on a mission to ready the world for a rehabilitated Atilla, which I think is a good thing. I am not sure that the authorities are ready for the idea at all. I am pretty sure he wont be able to do any media which pretty much fucks up my filming ideas but that is not necessarily a bad thing. He probably could do with being plugged back into family life rather than the oxygen of any more publicity. I am not sure how much more I can say, but I am hoping Musa will drop round and do some more Malung TV soon.



Umar said...

hi dave,

I dont know if you read the bit in the report about "de-radicalisation centres", but theres a rebuttal here :-

Musa's right,they aint got a clue. Ive counted 30 errors so far and im up to p57.


DAVE BONES said...

I know. If the UK invaded the Punjab we would be opening Sikh deradicalization centres? I just wish everyone would take a step back from radicalism at the same time.

Umar said...

In many ways though dave its a self-fulfilling prophecy. The government go round, fit people up, provoke them, invade countries that aren't their concern, then of course people are going to get angry. The can then say "oh, radicals" and then increase their action....and you know the rest. Im convinced for example Atilla should never have been locked up, nor anything to do with that case. Complete miscarriage of justice. Am I a radical now who needs deprogrammed because of that view, according to quilliam?

DAVE BONES said...

You should ask them, See what they say. Do people debate them? As a non Muslim I don't know what to think of them. I don't know that their hearts aren't in the right place, ie against terrorism, I just call the hypocrisy of my country hypocrisy.

DAVE BONES said...

As far as Atilla is concerned I will wait till he gets out and can speak for himself. He certainly spoke in a way I was dissapointed with on the tapes, but I know the jury were presented an edited selection from a whole lot more which he says shows him in a much diferent light. I don't want to say anything more really. he may be able to tell his own story three or four years after he gets out. I am pretty sure there will be a media ban on him straight away which he will have to take very seriously.

Anony said...

What about recruitment of people as security services informers/patsies whilst these persons are on remand? Quilliam were quiet about that subject...

Kazi Rahman, for example? (See 'The mysterious career of Kazi Rahman' by Adrian Monck. (See also 'The problem of informants: Kazi Rahman", again by Mr Monck).

Rahman was amongst a gang up for a 1995 murder, but was then aquitted by the judge. A few years later he is 'Abdul Halim/Haleem/Salam', spouting his Al-Muhajiroun tosh alongside Mohammed Junaid Babar & Hassan Butt in Lahore, Pakistan in 2001, in front of the worlds press.

Next thing he is amongst the Crevice 'gang' in Pakistan, although he is never tried as part of the Crevice/fertiliser conspiracy, but is caught in a 'sting operation' in November 2005, where he claimes, when interviewed by police, that he was working for MI5, who had recruited him 10 years earlier.....

All in the National Interest, of course...

Umar said...

Hi dave,

I disagree that the quilliam foundations main focus is stopping terrorism, instead it seems to be all about making money. If theres no "extremists", then they don't get paid.


DAVE BONES said...

I don't know, really. And I try to only comment on what I do know. Yes there maybe conspiracies, yes if I was MI-5 I would want people placed near radicals. I don't know. Atilla pleaded guilty. I know a bit of the back story but its really up to him to tell it, if he wants to.

DAVE BONES said...

As far as Quilliam, same thing. I can follow your logic, and I think Musa thinks the same. They did approach him, and if they are genuine maybe he missed out on an opportunity to do something useful. I am just reporting what people say about Quilliam. I have no opinion about Quilliam myself. As I said, if you have an opinion about them maybe you should ask them to justify themselves. That would be something I would be genuinely interested in filming.

DAVE BONES said...

Majid tells his story agin to Johann Hari here.

As I say, it makes no diference to me. I'm not a Muslim, but just for informations sake I am wondering Islamically what have you got against his theories?

Umar said...

Hi dave,

with Majid, I know that he was doing a talk about how everyone needs an islamic state, how evil the west is, blah blah the usual "fundo" stuff, only a couple of months before he did a complete U-turn. He was answering questions at said talk, and not one element of doubt was in his voice in what he was saying. This makes me think that the intelligence services recruited him when he was in egypt, and he was encouraged to keep spouting rhetoric like that to give himself credibility when he "turned".

Im not one for conspiracy theories but this seems to have some weight to it. As to stopping terrorism, every muslim pretty much agrees with that apart from a few oddballs. No-one I know was happy when the tube was attacked.


DAVE BONES said...

That is good to know, and not too surprising as i would gues most people wouldn't think the population responsible for the work of government, especially this one. Maybe you are right about Majid and Ed, I wouldn't like to draw a conclusion. I can see they are very bankable in the eyes of the government.

Waleed reckons his posse are combating extremism for free.

aa said...