November 25, 2009


Time Out put out a list of 50 greatest Animated Films and everyone gets annoyed in the comments. I thought the list was pretty crap myself, but it was nice to see Southpark well up there, cos it is a true epic in scale. Beavis and Butthead do America is pretty shit hot too. The film at no 50 (Heavy Metal- The Movie) I have been trying to get hold of for ages. I was pleased, and surprised to see Fern Gully on the list, which has some really bad 80s music but epic performances from Robin Williams and Tim Curry, with Tim Curry's big song, Toxic Love up there with anything from Fantastia or Dumbo in terms of psychedelia.

My top Animated films?

1. Ratatouille- One of the best films ever made in my opinion- period. If I told you how many times I have seen it I would be embarassed.
2. South park: Bigger, longer Uncut
3. Hunchback of Notre Dame- A surprisingly subversive tale slips out of Disney as they do sometimes, the first scene where the hunchback baby is held over the well was genuinely scary, and the whole story about the evil Churchman being after the free living gypsies was unmistakably Battle of the Beanfield in flavour.
4. 1o1 Dalmations- Again, surprisingly scary- You 'it 'em, I'll skin em! and beautifully sketchy in drawing.
5. Wall- E- prooving the art of animation is still as much of a spiritual quest as it ever has been.
6. Fern Gully
7. Lord of the Rings (Ralph Bakshi 1978) A very artistic rescue of a live action attempt
8. Toy Story
9. America- World Police (Do puppets count?)
10. A toss up between Roger Rabbit and Jurrasic park I reckon. What do you think?

also rans- Beavis and Butthead, Waltz with Bashir, Fantasia, Dumbo etc etc etc I could watch animated films over and over.



Anonymous said...

Blimey, these are kids animations. Where's the real stuff? No manga?! No Akira? Ghost In The Shell?? Paprika??? etc?????

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah I realised I'm not fond of the japanses stuff when i did this list.

Umar said...

Hi Dave,

My thoughts are with you, i think the timeout list is pretty poor. I would agree with most of your top 10, but would probably put Heavy Metal in there ( taking 101 dal. out ), and putting The Black Cauldron in as well ( taking team america out - sorry, not eligible!)


P.s on the heavy metal front, did you see the south park homage to it (with kenny and the cat urine?)

DAVE BONES said...

yeah people were pointing out that Team America wasn't strictly animation. I will have to look out for the black cauldron. I never saw the southpark thing, send us a link.

La Sirena said...

South Park was revelatory in that I can not think of one other movie-going experience in my life where I was quite so shocked.

And I agree with Umar about the Black Cauldron, although I haven't seen it since I was a girl. Also, Sleeping Beauty sucked but Maleficient is definitely one of my top dozen villians. I have her picture in my office.

DAVE BONES said...

A lot of the Disney films have the same villan eh. I will have to watch this Black Cauldron. You were shocked by the South Park cartoon? I was shocked at how it came across as such an epic production considering the deliberate simplicity of the artwork. I am sure those guys aren't very nice, but they are very, very clever.

Umar said...

The South Park film was a complete pinnacle in the world of cartoons. I must have seen that film at least 40 times, it just took comedy to a whole new level. Disappointing ending, but I haven't seen such a political film be so funny before, managing to parody everything from mary-whitehouse type outrage through to the role of ethnic minorities in the US armed forces...(or do you think im overanalysing the film slightly LOL)


La Sirena said...

South Park was excellent and all of those things, Umar.

There was just something about that cutout magazine cock of Saddam Hussein's swinging around on the giant silver screen that made me gasp, "That's shocking!" It was cool. I don't get shocked very often.