November 17, 2009


'Delusional' warning over club drug

Heavy use of the dance drug Ketamine causes memory loss and can make users "delusional", according to researchers. Users became "dissociated" in their day-to-day lives and struggled to remember names and conversations. Researchers at University College London, also linked the drug - which is known as "Special K" - to depressive symptoms.

During the trial, two out of the group of 30 heavy users, who were taking up to 10g a day, died in ketamine-related accidents. The study said: "This renders them very vulnerable to physical dangers, such as drowning or crossing busy roads without checking for traffic. High doses of the drug, which is used by vets to tranquillise horses, leave users "completely unresponsive" to things going on around them, the scientists said...

Right. My guess would be that anyone doing ten bloody grams a day is doing what I call "English Ketamine". Stuff which has been powdered a long time ago and only has a very mild ketamine like effect, hence having to do ten grams. The only people I have met in this country who take stupid amounts of K don't even know what the real effect of freshly evaporated K is. They are delusional.


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