June 23, 2005


Right. As you can probably imagine, whilst keeping you all entertained with endless drivel, things have been going on behind the scenes in documentaryville which I am frustrated that I cannot write about yet. Suffice to say that the documentary proposal is in the hands of television broadcasters, we have the agreement of the whole of Abu Hamza's close community and a very exciting group of Republican Christians to meet.

I want to film peace terms in the war on terror. I don't believe in God, but I pray that is what I am going to film. With live8 going on at the same time as the Hamza trial (booked for 4th July, maybe suspended...who knows?) I really feel this is the year that the peaceful majority can "take over." from those who would increase suffering. The solution has to involve EVERYBODY. It will be ENJOYABLE. Lets do it.

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