June 30, 2005


Always in search of a true picture of those British Muslims who would call themselves "fundamentalists" I found a great site yesterday called mpacuk.org In the debate as to whether British Muslims should involve themselves in democracy or not, on this site they clearly believe something can be gained by joining in, and take an active interest in electoral demographics.

They also obviously take an active interest in mainstream media presentation, even quoting from the BBC's Andrew Marr's guide to journalism. Signs of the real British Islam organising itself politically and in the media. From their poll, it is obvious that their readership are young Muslims, who are extremely dissatisfied with the leaders of their Mosques.

Here is some feedback they recieved about the recent BBC documentary "Don't panic I'm islamic"

On the other side of the coin I found this on the forum of a group of ex-Muslims. It is apparently from the Al-Mhujaaharoun website (which I cannot find to varify) It justifies terrorism straight from the Koran:

Allah (swt) says,

“Prepare as much as you can from power (missile weaponry) and steeds of war, in order to terrify the enemy of Allah” [EMQ Anfal: 60]

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