June 09, 2005


I hate the way geekspeak gets into the English language.

In a supermarket today I saw a pre-packed lasagne meal labelled as a "traditional meal solution"

Since when is a lasagne a fucking solution? No one calls a lasagne a "solution" in real life. No one no where. A solution to what? Its fucking DINNER innit? Stupid wankers.


Stefanie said...

Aaaa that is so funny and maddening. Thanks for noticing and telling us. I live for crap like that.

The Scrutinator said...

You crack me up!

DAVE BONES said...

Can't let them get away with it can you? If I see another meal described as a solution I'm joining Al-Qaida.

DeanSMS said...

It isn't just pre-processed crap with terrible use our English for describing it. BTW, speaking of which is that Wimpy "hamburger" around any more?