June 24, 2005

I've been trying to design my ideal motorbike based around a Yamaha 500 single. In Goa I saw loads of trick Enfiled singles, including one hard tail (on Goan roads?)

There was also a guy with a mono-shocked Enfield who used to jump the little waterway bridges. Enfields have really stable frames but really dangerous brakes. I met a guy traveling through Pune who had fixed this by putting a full trail bike front end complete with disc brakes on his bike. I've been searching the net trying to find pictures of Goa's custom Enfields but can't find any for you I'm afraid.

What I have found is a great picture of one of the nicest Goa "freaks" Mr. Fluro Baba and one of Goa's best dj's Mr. X.P.
Sticking out through the trees in this photo is a house I rented with some friends

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Lara said...

Sweet! Good, good luck with that. I fully expect pictures when you have it put together! :)