June 24, 2005


We've all been sniggering at the Glastonbury festival downpour which, from the pictures looks a lot worse than the previous two famous ones I remember. Glastonbury used to be fairly much a free festival, in that if you were in the general vicinity of Pilton, you usually got in. The first place I ever took acid (a strawberry if I remember rightly in about 1988) It was a truly fantastic experience, with people arriving from all over the world.

Now it has a huge fence and is run by the Mean Fiddler organisation I don't bother going anymore. In some ways I could see it was getting out of hand, with hordes of scouser theives trawling the tents, but amazing things happened as drugs and heightened awareness took over. When the good vibes hit, a smile jumped from stranger to stranger throughout the site.

The usual "Fuck Glastonbury" illegal rave is going ahead now in Wales this year. The Devon Police, who were preparing for it will be disappointed.

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