November 24, 2005


I think anyone with a slightly half-cocked grip on what passes for sanity in these strange times may have little alarm bells ringing in their head over this sad story.

I don't know the facts completely but the guy has no history of violence, he has a history of mental instability. It seems like the Police's interview techniques have convinced him that he has done it and then he's taken his own life.

Mr Harper said: "While his friends state that Richard Cazaly was a likeable man and that the attack would be out of character, we know he had become a long-term abuser of drugs.

After the attack, on 20 April, Cazaly told his girlfriend, Vanessa MacKenzie: "I know I didn't do it, but maybe there's a monster inside of me. How do you know there isn't a monster inside of me?"

I don't think that is a confession. I think that is someone who is already derranged who has been convinced that he's done it.

I wasn't at all suprised to read this in the Mirror this morning.

I wonder if there isn't a person who stabs people at random still wandering about somewhere.

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