November 15, 2005


Its great to debate with Republicans. Thanks for visiting me. Anyone feels like joining in do click here.

I am concious that some things I write on Sparkles blog (where I've met all but two of the Republicans I've bloggrolled) are less than constructive sometimes.

I hope that one day we might all be involved in a solution which suits everybody. I will try to remember to participate with this in mind in future. Its very important.


Stefanie said...

A Brit who puts up with American republicans. Can it be tue?

Should I start brushing up on my knowledge of Tories?

You are truly a unique person, and I say that not because you have bones in your ears.

Most Americans might think it natural for a Brit to be knowledgeable of our country's politics, after all, we're the only country in the world, right? Do other countries really have their own cultures and opinions?
I've heard that you guys call trucks "lorries!" It just blows my mind.

Seriously, your willingness to play along with the political combatants (parties) of this country is admirable - stated by an American, of course.

DAVE BONES said...

I find grass roots republicans really interesting. I'm going to try and get over to the states to make a little film about them if i can once all this fundamental Islam is out the way.

I got bored shitless of talking to people I agree with politically ages ago.

DAVE BONES said...

You are pretty unique yourself. Have you got a publishing deal yet? I like your pigeon post!