November 03, 2005


Not really against immigration myself. I think that would be like being against evolution. I am aware of what people say to me though. I'll relate a bit here. A friend of mine lives in a nice council flat in West London. She only got it in a council swap with a friend, otherwise she would have had to stay in a one bed council flat with her kid growing up. For someone like me to get a flat like this- forget it. For a couple now? maybe 20 years.

Three doors down from her have moved a whole family of Iraqi refugees. Downstairs have moved some relatives of theirs. I can understand why people would be angry about this. In more dangerous areas, like Glasgow people have really kick off.

For another impression of the situation now in London, the same friend has a son who is 16. He took the day off school recently. He wasn't supposed to. Only Muslim kids were allowed to- which emptied his school of all but a few pupils who would sit around and do nothing, or bully him. He's a little bit nerdy and all his schoolfriends are Muslim. Some cheeky secretary from the school rang up asking why he wasn't at school.

"He's become a Muslim." answered my friend.

"L--- is not a Muslim!" the woman replied.

"Well he's become one for the day..."

I'm on this subject after reading Boudica of Suburbia's post about Prussian Blue.

In the comments section I came across the first white supremacists blog I've ever seen. Check it out. Personally I'm not that into pasty faces. I don' really fancy white women. Is that racist? When I think of White Supremacists I always imagine an ugly, angry white man with an incredibly small penis, angry at the world in general and blacks in particular. Like this guy. Most normaly endowed white men can appreciate the beauty of women of colour, and the incredible beauty of those who are mixed can't they? I bet Hitler was disturbed every night with dreams of Eva shagging a 7 foot Masi warrior in full tribal dress.


boudica of suburbia said...

finding bad blogs could become quite a hobby, im feelin'.

I don't know how people couldn't fancy black women. I mean I fancy black women, those bums, eh?

I'll piss off and stop being sleazy.
Like the look of those shrooms below


I.:.S.:. said...

"I always imagine an ugly, angry white man with an incredibly small penis, angry at the world"

What an utterly bizarre fantasy to have, Dave - the longer I know you, it's like the more I'm mystified by you. If you're imagining, you might as well imagine one with a huge, throbbing monster penis, isn't it? Why settle for less?

I.:.S.:. said...

Sorry Dave.

I don't like pasty faces either. Is that why you paint yours green and then red?

And I always said English girls are ugly and frigid. It was the first line of my old blog - sunday lurches - which was usurped by some boring English woman: English girls are ugly and frigid. It was in connection with a headline in News of the World, about some English celeb or other being caught pants-down with a "dusky Thai beauty" (my old blog did a lot of news commentary type stuff, unlike the sheer unbridled narcissism of realgem).

If any English girl really takes issue with that and wants to dispute it, Dave will kindly set us up a rendez-vous.

I.:.S.:. said...

That Ororoina dude seems to think that Jesus was Nordic. How extra-ordinary.

Stefanie said...

Hey! You haven't posted in DAYS. This is not normal. Did the mushrooms fuck you up? Are you okay over there?

DAVE BONES said...

hey! boudica!

black women's butts. Now I should write a few blogs about that subject- or maybe some poetry ha ha ha ha

hey! stef!

I'm back. Mushy's fucked me up but no more than usual. The fly garics weren't strong at all but tasted lovely...