November 08, 2005


I've been away so I've missed most of the news about Paris. Big Dog has posted a blog quoting Republicans who are desperate to blame the rioting on Islamic Fundamentalism. Read it. Anyone who saw the BBC documentary about French schools banning the hijab would have seen this coming then. France is a very racist place.

Jon Snows snowmail:

The burning issues of France

Down and out in Paris and London. Well perhaps not - down in Paris,
feeling subjugated, despised and excluded, out in London in the sense that
ethnic minorities can move around with equanimity in their scarves or
other defining apparel largely without fear.

What is it about France that she is now facing nightly running battles
in the streets with people one of her ministers has described as

You now have a British society that with notorious exceptions has come
to terms with the ethnicities that have flowed into the country during
and post colonisation. The French appear to a large extent to have
tried and failed to make those same people model French citizens and, in
failure, have ghettoised many of them and left them feeling dispossessed.

Tonight almost inevitably the twelfth night of rioting and we ask why?
At seven.

Twelfth night of rioting

also Exlusive on the frontier of the US-Mexico drugs trade


DAVE BONES said...

Could probably get my camera nicked too!

DAVE BONES said...

I think this is a very necessary moment for the French with regards race.

DAVE BONES said...

Have you ever seen La Haine?

Its that plus a bit of Algerian Islam.

BigDog said...

In the interests of clarity. I posted excerpts and links to 4 articles from sources that are not necessarily Republican.

The first is from Mark Steyn, a Canadian with a quick excoriating wit who leans right.

The second link is to Victor Davis Hanson, a professer and writer of Classical studies and military affairs. I don't know if he is Republican or Democrat. Could be either.

Third is a link to TechCentralStation, a internet news magazine with a Libertarian bent. (libertarians are a minor third party in America)

The last link is to the Ashbrok Center, a non-partisan group "directed to the scholarly defense of individual liberty, limited constitutional government and civic morality, which together constitute our democratic way of life."

For the record, it is my opinion, held long before these riots occured, that France has serious, fundamental and systemic flaws that will eventually make it a backward has-been nation, unless they undergo painful reforms.

DAVE BONES said...

yeah, sorry mate..wasn't really having a go at you specifically. Can't comment on France except that its like nowhere else on earth. The French might just be over the channel from here but culturally France is Pluto.

As for reforms and nations etc. I am a VERY anti-nationalist citizen of the planet.