November 18, 2005


I just realised the other day that my top three bloggers at the moment are women. Number 1 is Ex-Millenial girl. If you've never read her stuff before, go back in her archive and start from the beginning. It reads like a very good book. I'm sure it will be one day.

My number 2 blog, and where I spend most of my time in cyberspace is Rightwingsparkleland.
Since the start of the Iraq war I've been fascinated by the opportunity blogging gives me to tap into exactly what grass roots Republican's are thinking. In the hysteria around George Bush's reelection I was certain that he would win. The image of those towers was just too far imprinted onto the American brain.

I used to be an "Activist." So much "activism" involves talking hysteria and listening to hysteria and clapping hysterical people. I felt that as I knew Bush would win, there was no point in not addressing exactly what his supporters were thinking in hope of some inroad into a solution to this "War on terr-r" nightmare. You never know.

I've calmed down in the last year or so, but for ten years before that, give or take a year in India and Pakistan, my life consisted of breaking into empty houses to live in, taking lots of drugs and doing illegal warehouse parties/artshows. Grass roots Republicanism is a world away from my life, yet on the level field of blogworld we can communicate. 'Sparkle has recently, and rightly been recognised as a "women blogger of note" I find a lot of what people write over there a bit scary but if solutions are going to be found this thought process has to be addressed head on. Fucking about demonising people and feeling superior is not for me anymore.

My number 3 blog is Angry Black Bitch. Her style is fantastic. When I read her blog I feel like I am sitting on the carpet in front of her just listening.

So what can I say about women bloggers. Does anything link these three wildly different "women with the blog obsession?"

Don't know. I'm going to think about it. What do you think?


Shark-Fu said...

You are too kind!

Glad you like my crazy rants...


Anonymous said...

Well, DB;
Haven't read the other two, (but will) but I go to RWS because she doesn't ban me, as all other righty sites seem to do.
Plus, she veers between calm, sane & angry, mean. Human, iow.

And since she has shut the site down for now, let me say I agree on your last post one of those threads, and don't think the Dems offer much difference in many ways. Mostly corporate whores, not repping the people. Eh. I keep hoping for a valid third party, but doubt the powers that be would allow it.
Boy, are we ready over here for one, tho'.

DAVE BONES said...

Absolutely. She's frighteningly right but tollerant and open to discuss left as long as its put politely, which makes hers a forum quite sucessfully in the middle, which for a Republican in these times is quite an achievement.

She's attracted a lot of other repub's with this attitude too, a lot of which I have linked down the side. I'd like to try and visit them all with a camera next year if I can.

I haven't been to the states but your system looks very money based from here. I think ours is too, with most of the money being the same.

I don't think its a third party we need. More a new way of thinking. When Blair came in he spoke about "The third way" which I believed in.

I wish he had practiced what he preached as it sounded great.

Maxi Jazz from the band "Faithless" said

"I don't believe in the power of politics to change things. People change and pliticians change to follow suit."

I think this is correct. Obviously I'd like the media to focus more on radical new thinking, but I'm not anti-media or into this "powers that be" stuff.

Its up to us at the end of the day and there is movement in society.

Indigobusiness said...

It's more like 'money debased', than anything.