November 09, 2005


If a coupla my last blogs sounded anti-christian I hope this one makes up a bit.

We've been running a little film night once a week up the road in Camberwell. Last week we were lucky enough to have Sam Clements show his film The Student the nun and the Amazon.

In the summer of 2003 James Newton and Sam Clements headed to Brazil with a video camera, a map, and the idea to make a documentary. It was whilst filming in Southern Brazil that they heard about the extraordinary work of US missionary Sister Dorothy Stang, a nun with a price on her head. For over 20 years she had been fighting to preserve the Amazon rainforest, while helping peasant farmers live sustainably. Inspired by a mere five-minute call to Sister Dorothy, they set off on a 2500-mile journey to find her. Little did they know of the dangers ahead, or that Sister Dorothy would later be killed by hired gunmen.

If anything makes me anti-nationalist and pro-globalisation it is stories like this. When enough people feel like citizens of the planet rather than nation against pissy little nation, the Rainforest will be safe.

I also saw Liquid Crystal Vision. for the first time. This film does its best to document the emergence of a scene I was baptised with acid into 10 years ago and it doesn't do a bad job really. It was good to see who the people I used to see on the dancefloor actually were. A coherent political/spiritual "message" was a suprise too, along with quite rootsy British protest culture and great scenes from Burning Man.

Bigup to the originals like Raja Ram, Ollie Wisdom, Greg Sams, Alex Grey et all


Indigobusiness said...

Dave, This video of a reporter trying to report from the smoke of burning confiscated pot and coca plants is hilarious. He gets so lit he can't get the words out.

A bit off topic, but I wanted to pass it along.

DAVE BONES said...

If its about drugs, republicans or fundamental islam its always on topic for me.

Indigobusiness said...

If there was a God, you'd've been born with bones in your ears.