September 14, 2006

The Suicide Factory

This book is really good, regardless of which side of this you are on. A really detailed story of the whole situation with Hamza's sons in Yemen and how the hostage crisis actually affected the direction of Yemen's politics. Also a detailed acount of Rede Hassaine, the "spy" inside Finsbury park mosque and the rivalry between Hamza and Omar Bakri. Also the whole James Ujaama story (Such were his achievements in US civil rights he had a day named after him in Washington and was handed the keys to the city). Also the story of Feroz Abbasi. I haven't got to the part where they are all banned from the mosque and take to the street and this wierd guy with bones in his ears turns up and starts filming yet but I'm sure that's coming.

I don't get all this "slow hypnotic talking" and "brainwashing". When I was a born again christian four people became christians as a result of me talking to them. Did I "brainwash" them? Or was I telling them the "ultimate truth"? I just told them what I believed very strongly. Were christians in the state that some groups of Muslims were in the mid nineties in Bosnia, Chechnya and Palestine, would I have been preaching a more militant version of christianity?

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Anonymous said...

A great book. It portrays him in a bit more of a different light than the sun and the daily star :)