September 30, 2006

Zawahiri justifies attacks on western civilians

He doesn't seem crazy does he? I think he's wrong though. Granted, Tony Blairs form of Conservatism may well be the consensus in this country, but I am in no way responsible for it and I can't see how random symbolic bombing is going to achieve the results he is after either..

This is what Abu Hamza said in Finsbury park:

" is Immoral to target people who have no say in the war. In fact they were against the war in Iraq. If it was not for this Zionist media... the people of this country…would have informed it is not fair to target them. It is not Islamic...We’ve got to distinguish between the evil politicians and the normal people who go about there business every day.”

I'm knocking together another vid at the moment around this. Why the media didn't report that Hamza was saying this a long time pre-7-7 I don't know. Would we have been safer?

Here's some more AHHHHH!!! POLICE STATE!!! AHHHH!!!! Don't know what I think about this. Yeah, where are the CCTV images of the 7/7 guys? Sure, but they made videos. It looked like they wanted to do it. I don't know about Police being above the law etc. Sure, an old guy was bundled out of the Labour conference but more than that? A Police state? Here? I've been hassled only once about what I've been up to and I don't have a press card. If I get any more hassle I'll tell you, until then I am skeptical about a Police state.

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