February 27, 2007


This is a short "promo" if you will for my first ever attempt at film making, where we covered the kids who came out to "stop the country" on the day the war started as requested by the Stop the War Coalition, only to be totally left to the mercy of the Police by the adults who INCITED THEM. There was a word for that sort of behaviour in my playground.

Over the weekend I was worried that they would keep going and that things would get ugly. I saw Ken Livingstone's speech in Hyde park where he said "We support the kids."

I waited for him back stage

"Ken, I'm really worried that these kids are going to carry on after the weekend and they are on their own, facing the Police.. I was wondering if you could go down and speak to them or something?"

He ran away from me. Strange guy.

Thanks to Flee and Jubal for the footage and Paula for the music.


BigDog said...

How long will this film be?

Its pretty funny that Livingstone would run away from you.

I am having a hard time understanding what those kids are saying over the singing in the background etc. Might need subtitles.

DAVE BONES said...

I was well angry, I'm a bit nervous that thats just the way of things now. The films about 25 min long. I think you are right about the subtitles.