April 13, 2007


"Not every blogger is a narcissist who has nothing to say. In particular there are people in China and Iraq who are blogging - and that is very brave," he said.

"But generally I don't see a social benefit. It's just a great vehicle for next-generation media personalities. Why do I want to know what some guy sitting on the west coast of America thinks about Iraq? Would you pay to listen to this person?"

Do read the whole article. I missed the tenth anniversary of blogging but I love the quote a newspaper journalist chooses to end his article about it with.

Because I've paid my 50p to read what you've got to say, Bobbie Johnson makes your opinion so much more important than a West Coast American's eh? Its not about whether what a person says is right or not, its about whether you've paid to read or not isn't it? Thats why McDonalds have consistently served the best quality food for such a long time isn't it? Because so many people pay for it eh? Bilions of paying customers can't be wrong. The "financial marketplace" is the spiritual and moral arbiter on this planet isn't it?

Bollocks to the lot of them. Give me an obscure blog any day. I don't need any money to justify what I do, or any fucking praise. Hang on... Whats this?

Youtube user davebones goes to London demos, protests and gatherings. His videos demonstrate the complexity of issues, calling into question the credibility of television news which tends to portray the same events in black and white terms. While his blog sets a clear agenda, his commentary-free videos are accessible to people regardless of their viewpoint.

Do I know this person?


Twit said...

"But generally I don't see a social benefit".

Oh deary me.

You self-important, pompous prick.

At least we're not chewing up more fucking trees to massage our egos like you 'Andrew Keen' -with your, "forthcoming book Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture.."

-Sounds like a yawn a minute anyway.

DAVE BONES said...

we 'ates them baggins