April 19, 2007


The joke of it all is that i only got active in the BNP because the local organiser where i used to live was arrested and thrown in the cells for leafleting, so i got in contact with him and after reading the perfectly reasonable and legal leaflets, offered my help, and here we are, with this blog alone receiving 1'200 unique visitors just today.

That happens the country over. Decent people will not look the other way. There are now great multitudes of BNP supporting blogs and grass roots initiatives while our public support grows exponentially. Pretty soon the authoritarianism will become naked or cease, either way is good for us. The main thing is we are right, and it is for that reason alone that our opponents find themselves resorting to such underhand measures. For a man that believes he is right has no need to cheat; Such a man's greatest desire is to show and share the truth, for what smallest thing does he have to gain from a lie?


Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Same as me. I got involved because the left spout so much hatred against the BNP. I decided to have a look and found them to be nice people. BTW we leafleted TB's stronghold Trimdon this week, although we couldn't get to his door we left a VOF and some leaflets in his gate right under the CCTV cameras. It gave me a great feeling of satisfaction.

DAVE BONES said...

I couldn't stand it in a country with only honkys. Thats why I live in London. I love the ethnic diversity here. I love black chicks. I'm not racist I just don't fancy pasty white chicks anymore.

ba ba said...

I just came across your blog from the link you gave me and then came across "socialist wanker". For the life of me i have no idea what it is about and have made a post saying so.

DAVE BONES said...

Socialist Wanker featured on a BNP blog? That is just fantastic. I'm touched. I think there is a march in bermondsey on Saturday maybe I should go.