April 09, 2007


I read with interest the fate of Daniele Mastrogiacomo, it looks like his fixer has been beheaded although reports are confusing.

Some Afghans have criticized their president, Hamid Karzai, for helping to win the release of foreigners, but not Afghan nationals.

Earlier in the week I read an excellent article in the Guardian about Jamil el-Banna, the man who said "no" to MI-5.

Topically at easter, I've had a bit of a long running argument with another guy who thinks he is Jesus. I do meet them occasionally. This one spammed me with his video on Youtube, so I tried to engage him with a view to filming but gave up pretty quickly when I realised he was only interested in what came out of his own mouth. Why are these Jesus's so egocentric? The last one I met was just the same. Tedious fucking Jesus.

I watched the Passion of the Christ on TV yesterday, only to see if it was annoying as I originally thought it was, and to count how many times he falls down in slow motion from multiple fucking angles on his way to the cross.

The answer is five.

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