April 17, 2007


Indigo tagged me with this
Me? Thinking? I suppose so. Apparently I've got to tag five blogs which make me think so erm.... let me get my thinking head on...

Ex-Millenial Girl- A fantastic human tale humanely told. Also includes this sort of thing:

“I tell you what I want.” I leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I have a full bag of opium in my purse and I want to go home and smoke it.” Talking about smoking opium turned me on more than anything could.

He leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, “Mmmm. I think I love you.”

Back at my place, we got high and started kissing. I barely remember the sex. I do remember his bent dick, though. His dick curled to one side at a 45 degree angle, curling even more at the tip. As we fucked, one side of me was like “Ouch!” and the other side was like “Am I even being fucked?”

Angry Black Bitch- Fierce Black thoughtful bitching. This sort of thing:

My brothers and sisters we need to engage our community with consistency and authenticity, not only when some asshole on the radio touches a nerve.

We need to be a part of the community rather than visit it for some music or yummified food once a month.

And I don’t give a hot damn how many marches we have, how many candidates with Harvard law degrees run for president or how many Oscars are won…social change requires regular folks like you and this bitch getting off of our asses, jumping into our SisterGirl Cabrios and driving to the ‘hood, getting o
ut of the car and participating in the lives of others.
London Alive- Rose opens our eyes to London's art.

Bold As Love- err... I think I'll just quote here shall I?

These bastards whine about saving the rainforest and animals rights-They pontificate on the beauty of nature, yet have never spent a true moment in nature. How else can you describe their total ignorance of the fact that nature is a cruel Mistress that feeds the young, weak and aged to the strong and hungry. Nature doesn’t give a shit about what is fair and equitable. Left to these guys, America would subsists solely on soy products and really bad granola. These pisspots usually populate the Human Resource Departments of large corporations- that is until they go nutso fulltime.

Guilt-ridden, bed wetting, reality ignoring Liberals. Jeez, these pansies make real men want to walk up and bitch slap some sense into them. There is nothing these spineless pricks won’t apologize for- Slavery, the Punic wars, really terrible off Broadway shows- These slugs are usually actors, newspaper editors, TV anchor men and women, activists of various flavors, and lately often times they moonlight as Senators and Congressmen and Women.

Spoiled Mama’s boys that will never grow the fuck up....

he goes on but you get the general idea.

One left? OK. I'm not sure if his blog frightens me more than it makes me think, but I've got to congratulate Citizen of Mosul just for still being around these day and telling it like he sees it.


Indigobusiness said...

That's the goddamned worst, most redneck, most misguided interpretation of nature -and those who understand and value the true meaning of nature- I've ever come across.

What an utter idiot, what a self-centered fool. Look at the name-calling ad hominem context he chooses for his screed. He personalizes everything, even nature itself. No clue. There are other issues driving this vitriol, and you are wrong, Bones, this idea is beyond getting. It is simply a psychotic, bigoted, hate-filled rant.

I suppose he's not only blind to the absolute perfection of how nature functions, but has a better modus operandi?

That's a good example of why this blog was nominated, it makes you think, usually in terms of WTF?

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha I thought you'd like that one.

I wanted to include a US Conservative in my list and hadn't clicked on Bold as Love for a while so when I read this I laughed so much I had to include it.

I'm inclined to agree with his assessment of nature, as to the rest of it- you got to have a rant sometimes no? Better out than in I always say.

Maybe he woke up in a bad mood or got bit by a dog.