April 28, 2007

Everything I do I do it for you

Do check out what is going on in Republicanland with Uncle Jimbo's friday freefly. Lots of stuff about treasonous Democrats.

Over here I can't believe all this shit about Prince Harry. Its ridiculous. Do you think his presence might increase insurgent activity against the British? Errr... I wonder.

Tell you what, why don't they just dangle him a few hundred foot above Basra for fuck sake? Ridiculous.

Who is Mika? He calls himself the Marmite of pop music. I like marmite but I fucking hate Mika.

"Some people compare my music to the Scissor Sisters" he said nervously.

Really? What, like a poor man's shite version of the Scissor Sisters? hmmm...I can't imagine why. There is something genuinely sleazy about the Scissor Sisters whereas Mika is so squeaky clean he is sickly. My girlfriend actually woke up in the middle of the night last week to tell me how much she hated Mika and his "love me love me please love me" crap. We had a long discussion about what a load of banal tepid shit his music is and slept more soundly afterwards. We watched him getting pushed back and forth on a fucking trolley singing on some shit music program the other day. We could have switched over but it had some sort of unhealthy road accident compulsion to it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like all sorts of sounds, including some camp stuff. Some Scissor-Sisters stuff can really get me in party mode.

But yes, I'm with you on this; Mika is a fucking irritating bellend for sure.

He likes himself FAR too much.

& he needs a slap - Several.