November 20, 2007


OK. Went down the court today, everything was delayed because of a Dartford tunnel collapse. When proceedings finally resumed the judge gave a ruling. I'm not allowed to write notes in the gallery so I'm not sure but I think the ruling sort of went-

Fark orf! You are having a Girrafe! If a person downloads something illegal, even if it can't be proved they read it they can still be charged with possessing it.

Something like that anyway. I only caught a bit of the argument twice before giving up in exasperation.

After ten minutes of this the court was dismissed till two o'clock.

In the afternoon the judge made reference to an "Anti Christ cookbook" (not sure what one of those is) and allowed the jury to be told about the conviction of Hassan (unpronouncable African name) which featured in Dawoods evidence about being asked for money for Jihadi training. He was arrested leaving the UK on a one way to Nairobi.

Anyway go back to sleep. More tomorow I think.

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