November 03, 2007


Whenever I saw Paul Smith doing anyting in Finsbury park I usually took a dislike to him, and ITN News in general is the most "Fox" thing in the UK. I was suprised therefore yesterday to see his piece about a British soldier who had been medically discharged being evicted from his army home. Top stuff. This was followed by a piece about the blockade of Gaza with an Irishman from the UN condemning it.

In style as a programme and watching these newsreaders speak I just think - riddled with cocaine, but I suppose even cokeheads can do good shit sometimes.

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African neocon said...

I have always been a bit sceptical about conspiracy theories: some you have to buy into and some are damn ridiculous. The many Kaffir-haters that I know (at Speakers’ Corner of course) like to point out how the British media is reticent about attacking Israel or portraying Israel in a negative light, but will always portray the Palestinians as terrorists.

Yesterday a number of news organisations in the UK reported the UN attack on Israel (the second attack in two weeks). As a pro-Israeli (and not anti Palestinian), I think its right the media reports objectively on Israel (even if means that it portrays Israel in a negative light). As far as I’m concerned the British media has being doing this. Alan Johnston is one person in mind.