November 30, 2007


Got this from a young Muslim kid in Spain-

just out ov interest r u gay cuz u look a bit liek a junkie in ur videos not meanin offence.


Twit said...

"r u gay cuz u look a bit liek a junkie"

So 'junkie' = 'gay'....(?)

There is SOME overlap but ..


You seem ok to me, Dave.. whatever you are.

African neocon said...

What a load of absolute nonsense that someone looks gay! Why are we so bloody concerned about if someone looks like gay or not? Hey Muslim kid! Does Lord Waheed Ali peer of the British realm look gay or does the King of Morocco you gay? It shouldn’t be an issue.

DAVE BONES said...

I thought I needed a bit of perspective before formulating an answer cheers guys..

Anonymous said...

you've got more patience than I do, d.b., I'd have questioned him about the nomadic tradition among his people of buggering young boys, or goats and sheep when they're lonely while crossing the dessert.

Anonymous said...

B.T.W., thanks for the compliment you left about my '66 'stang.

DAVE BONES said...

He's a Morrocan. Likes Atilla from my films. Wants to know how to contact him. If I passed on his details I'd be a "Jihadi recruiter".

Mad no?

As for the car. I'll link to the picture. I don't drive and try not to use too much petrol.

I'd love to make a really stripped down kit car or a cut down Model B with a high tech BMW engine running on bio-diesel.

Its all dreams though, Motorbikes are my thing really.