April 08, 2005


I got an email from Mike H. who was really excited because he found a program to check webstats for blogs. People were reading his shit and that made him feel good. I read Mike H because his shit is good. I don’t care how many people read it. Its good. I fuckin love the guy. As soon as I work out how to check my webstats on this blog I’ll be obsessed with the same thing no doubt.

I've been continually annoyed by my profile views going up. Does this really count the number of people who have looked at my profile? I should make it more interesting.


Middle class angst and the desire to achieve is a great thing.

That’s why I love Kimberley. Her stuff is from the guts. It doesn’t matter who she is or where she come’s from. It’s hardcore and punk because it’s fragile and from the guts.

I walk around London and people beep me when I dawdle at traffic lights. They are all obsessed with getting from A to B because B is really good. I want to jump out of their way.

“Go to B! It’s really good! “ I feel like shouting.

I feel the same way about my documentary project. A was first meeting Abu hamza, Abdullah and co, over two years ago.

“Go to B! It’s really good!”

B is where people realize that these Fundamentalists are just like you and me. They love, they hate. They laugh, they cry. We don’t need to be caught up in this “War on Terror” shit!

Go to B! It’s really good!

I hope no one thinks this is utopian propaganda. I am pissed out of my head and feel really shit.

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tequilita said...

"fragile and from the guts." you make it sound like such a special thing. thanks for the encouragement.