April 15, 2005


So this was what Barry was talking about. When I last spoke to him he said that there were trials in the pipeline connected to Finsbury park mosque which were under a media blackout. He didn't go into detail but said that the evidence would "Enlighten people."

Read about Kamel Bourgass here

He gave his address as Finsbury park mosque. His ricin recipe was from the Mosque's photocopier. His friend sold books at the mosque. The evidence makes a direct link from Osama Bin laden through Bourgass to Finsbury park mosque.

He killed a Policeman.

Ever since Hamza was arrested I've found it hard to match up the seriousness of what's involved with the Muslim's I saw on the street. I find it really hard to believe that anyone I spoke to in two years was either a terrorist or would cover for one.

Not for the first time, I'm wondering if I am a bit out of my depth.

Vikram Dodd (who wrote the Guardian article about Abdullah and co getting thrown out of their mosque) casts doubt on the testimony used to convict Bourgass here

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