April 14, 2005


Bicycle thieves one was about a visit from a fairly typical young Finsbury park Fundamental Islamist (as opposed to the fearsome dangerous ones you read about in the paper.)

This one is about actual bicycle thievery.

I’m experiencing a gleeful rejection of all things eastern and mind manifesting in favour of a more familiar, English faith in alcohol as the solution to all problems. There are disadvantages. Wednesday I realized my bike was missing. I didn’t rush to accuse anyone of taking it out of the house as I had vague recollections of locking it somewhere. But where?

Over the day I realized that I had left it in L----- after I had met Abdullah and Jamal.
That was Sunday.

Pub’s, Rave’s, alcohol and drug fueled behaviour. This is how most British people spend their time no? I’ve never had such a taste for beer in my life.

Once I finally got to L---- three days later my bike was gone. I’ve had so many bikes nicked over the years I think of it as London’s way of saying “Hello” I’d have been disappointed with the local youth if I had found it still there to be honest.

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