April 14, 2005


Being old enough to remember the original TV show I'm one of those who has been waiting the whole 25 years for this film. I was lucky enough to see it at a preview in Leicester square the other day. The huge advances in technology made the wait worthwhile.

The producer who introduced it said that they had spent four million quid promoting it and was almost begging this audience of cinema people to get behind it.

I never had envisaged the Ford Prefect character as black, but Mos Def pulled it off from the beginning. I hate John Malchovich but he also pulled off a fantastic cameo role here. Nice to see Jim Henson's creature workshop back in action too.

Martin Freeman (Tim from the Office) makes a fantastic Arthur Dent.

He turned up to answer questions afterwards. Interestingly enough he said that he didn't care about "The fate of the British Film industry" as agonised over by boring media people. He just was glad that good films were made by whoever made them. He also denied that the love story between Arthur and Trillian was tacked on for American audiences. I'm sure he's going to have to deny it and look convincing quite a lot over the next few weeks.

Good film though. Hitchhikers site here (Don't forget your towel.)

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I.:.S.:. said...

gonna watch that as soon as i can, and the machinist too. they dub films rather than subtitle here.